• Lowest Cost
  • Speed to Market
  • Real Time
  • High Capacity
  • Industry Proven
  • Regulation Ready
  • Intuitive Interface / Dashboards
  • Robust Reporting
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  • Client Service Workstation
  • Dashboards and Business Intelligence
  • Trade Capture
  • Arranged Finance
  • Asset Based Billing
  • Global Ticket Charges
  • Rehypothecation & Margin Lending
  • Robust Reporting
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  • Real Time
  • Inventory Management
  • Auto-Borrows
  • Locate Management
  • Optimized Trading Tools
  • High Volume / Capacity
  • Maximize P&L
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  • Data Warehouse
  • Client Service Workstation
  • Robust MIS Dashboard
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Report/Data Designer
  • Subscription Based
  • Integrated Configuration Tools
  • Content Personalization
  • Document Repository
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your gateway into the world of prime finance

a complete & cost effective platform
for managing prime finance

PrimeOne Solutions is your gateway into the world of Prime Finance. Our API-driven platform expands your product set, increases your speed to market, improves revenue, and all at the lowest possible cost. This battle-tested and superior technology reduces operational and market risk, enhances transparency, while maintaining a panoramic business perspective with detailed trading information.

The PrimeOne technical & business team's single focus is service excellence in supporting your needs, protecting your business strategy and stand at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

the PrimeOne team

EJ Liotta
Head of PrimeOne Solutions
Tel: +1 212.450.1986   Email: Ej.Liotta@primeOneSolutions.com

Chris Chanod
Global Head of Sales & Business Development
Tel: +1 212.450.1997   Email: Chris.Chanod@primeonesolutions.com

Jozef Spiska
Head of Reporting Technology for PrimeOne Solutions
Tel: +1 212.450.1909   Email: Jozef.spitzka@primeonesolutions.com

Kristen Burns
Business Analyst
Tel: +1 212.450.1916   Email: Kristen.burns@Primeonesolutions.com

Alistair Martin
Deputy Head of PrimeOne Solutions
Tel: +44 207.2938.620   Email: Alistair.martin@Primeonesolutions.com

James Hogan
Head of Trading Technology
Tel: +44 207.2938.589   Email: James.hogan@Primeonesolutions.com

Colette Davies
Prime Services Senior Business Analyst
Tel: +44 207.2938.589   Email: Colette.Davies@PrimeOnesolutions.com

Connor Finnegan
Business Analyst
Tel: +1 212.450.1904   Email: Connor.finnegan@primeonesolutions.com


PrimeOne Solutions Releases PrimeOne Canada


New York, New York, February 3, 2014, PrimeOne Solutions, a division of CoreOne Technologies, has released an end-to-end solution for Canadian Prime Brokers, accommodating the specific interfaces and regulations of the Canadian securities ecosystem.


expert insights on prime brokerage

Aug 04 2014

It's PrimeTime for The PrimeOne Blog

Chris Chanod

Sales guys like me are never shy about touting new products and services. My specific expertise is explaining in no uncertain terms that PrimeOne is the only firm in the world...

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